• For more than 38 years, I have been zealously representing litigants in the trial Courts and appellate Courts of this State.
    • My overriding concern is that every fact and potential legal argument is carefully considered in formulating the optimal strategy for your case.
    • In the words of Thomas Edison, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Persistence is essential to a successful appeal.

Structure of New York State's Appellate Courts

The court system in New York may be viewed as a pyramid, with the apex representing the Court of Appeals in Albany.

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Appeal Statistics

Statistics kept by the New York State Unified Court System show the number of civil and criminal appeals that were decided each year, and what the outcomes were.

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Planning for a Possible Appeal

It has been aptly stated that every case should be handled with the thought in mind that it might become the subject of an appeal.

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